How to Buy a Custom Controller: The Buyer’s Guide

How to Buy a Custom Controller: The Buyer's Guide

Whether this is your first time or you've bought shitty products before, I've got your back. In this guide, I'll show you how to buy a custom controller that will last for years.

Here's what you'll learn:

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    The 3 Types of Controllers
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    How to Choose the Right Kind
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    Our Top 5 Recommendations

How to Buy a Custom Controller

If you go in without knowing what to look for, there's always the chance of buying a controller that doesn't meet your needs. And if that controller shop doesn't do refunds, some actually don't, then you're out a couple hundred bucks.

But if you finish this entire guide, I can guarantee you'll know exactly what to look for in a custom controller.

So without further ado, let's get to the nitty gritty.

The 3 Types of Controllers:

Before anything, before you even type in something like "best custom controllers" into Google, it's important to know that there is more than kind of custom controller.

#1: Modded Controllers

Modded controllers are usually referred to products that have special chips inside them for advanced gameplay.

These mod-chips can give your game character extraordinary abilities. Particularly for shooters like the Call of Duty series.

Some of the mods include rapid fire, fast reload, auto run, and more.

Are they legal?

It's hard to say. Obviously, gamers who don't have one of these modded controllers won't like it because of the disadvantage.

Maybe I've missed something, but I have not seen anything where Xbox or Playstation say (in plain English) that modded controllers are absolutely 100% illegal.

I have seen other people in forums say they're not allowed. But they're not legit. And they never provide proof.

Note: If you are absolutely positive they're not allowed, let me know!

Perhaps the companies can't officially ban the usage of mod-chips because custom controller companies are like the only people who buy controllers by the hundreds. You can't turn that business away, right?

Moving on...

There are a couple other features that could be considered mods. Re-mappable buttons, hairpin triggers, no rumble motors, and super sensitive ABXY/shape buttons.

But, they could also be with these:

#2: Tournament Controllers

If you're thinking of going pro, there are leagues and tournaments out there that welcome high-end controllers.

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    Re-mappable Buttons - these buttons are located behind the 2 controller's handles, right around where your middle and ring finger rest. They can be programmed to any button you want.
  • gamepad
    Hairpin Triggers - if you're one of those guys who think the default trigger setting has cost you a few scorestreaks, perhaps this is what you need.
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    Sensitive ABXY/Shape Buttons - just like the hairpin trigger, sensitive buttons will make it so easy you'll barely move your thumb.
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    No Rumble Motors - there are a couple motors inside your controller that make it vibrate when you get shot in CoD for example. This is distract/bother some gamers.
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    Handle Grips - some controller shops offer nice rubber grips that feel amazing. Definitely belongs on every gamers' controller, whether you're a pro or not.

Do you need to be a PRO to be able to get your hands on these modifications? No. Anybody can get any of these badass mods on a controller.

The controller sites that offer them usually market them as add-ons. Sometimes they're even included in a controller.

#3: Reg. Custom Controllers

Your normal/everyday custom controllers are the ones where they only feature a custom designed shell or surface (faceplate/backplate).

Sometimes, these controllers will also have custom ABXY/shape buttons, home buttons, D-pads, and thumbsticks.

And since they don't have any special hardware or modifications, they're typically the cheapest controllers out of the 3.

How to Know What You Want

Now that you've learned the 3 types of controllers, which one should you look for?

Here are my suggestions:

i. Modded Controllers - choose this if you're in it for fun and you wanna dominate CoD sessions. But, be warned, in some cases people have been reported by sore losers that resulted in getting banned.

ii. Tournament Controllers - choose this if you wanna go pro OR you wanna be more competitive amongst your online friends without worrying about getting banned.

iii. Custom Designed Controllers - choose this if you're just in it for the great artwork. There's just something satisfying when you're holding a controller that looks badass.

Our Top 5 Sites to Buy Custom Controllers

There are dozens of controller shops out there. We covered a bunch of them before. Below, you'll find 5 of the best, including our number one recommendation.

#5: SCUF Gaming

SCUF Gaming is one of the best when it comes to tournament-ready controllers. If not the best. They can even prove it...

In 2016, they won the eSports Industry Award for Best Hardware.

SCUF Gaming eSports Award

If you take a look at their Scufology page, you'll see why they're the best.

You know how most shops do re-mappable buttons? SCUF uses a different approach. Paddles. I haven't tried them personally, but they sure look user-friendly.

They also have hairpin triggers and trigger stops.

Hairpin triggers let you press the triggers with little force.

Trigger stops let hold the trigger in place without actually holding it. This can help you shoot a ton more rounds in shooter games. It's like rapid fire without the mod-chip.

SCUF also provides interchangeable thumbsticks, crazy military grade grips, and D-pad disc that makes it work like a thumbstick.

Oh! And they have dozens of high-end custom designs.

#4: Controller Chaos

Controller Chaos has one of the best selections in the entire controller business. They have dozens, perhaps even hundreds of Xbox One and PS4 controllers that are ready to be shipped.

Chaos is one of the best sites to buy custom designed controllers.

But before checkout, you will be given the option to add a couple cool features. There's the 4 re-mappable buttons and the Master Mod chip.

You can also start from scratch and build your own custom or modded controller.

#3: ModJunkiez

ModJunkies, like Controller Chaos, has a nice selection of ready-to-ship custom designed controllers to choose from.

They also have custom controllers that can be modified before checkout. These mods can be the rapid fire, re-mappable buttons (or paddles), special triggers and thumbsticks, and more.

You can also design your own from scratch using their easy-to-use online builder.

#2: Custom Controllerzz

Custom Controllerzz is a great source for custom designed controllers that don't cost a lot. Generally, you would probably spend about $120 for a controller. Most of the time, you'd spend at least $180. Likely more.

They have 50+ controllers that are ready for shipping for both Xbox One and PS4.

Not much add-ons, except for the rapid fire mod-chip that adds about 10 mods in total to your controller.

They also have a custom controller builder if you feel like creating your own.

Our #1 Recommendation...*drumroll*

Evil Controllers.

Evil is probably number one on a lot of lists. They've been around since custom/modded controllers were a thing.

They offer just about everything. Whatever you're interested in, they'll have.

If you want a controller with crazy artwork, they'll have it.

If you want a controller with crazy buttons and whatnot, they'll have it.

If you want a controller with crazy mods, they'll have it.

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