Evil Controllers Review: Should I Buy From Them? (Find Out Now!)

Evil Controllers Review

In our Evil Controllers review, we'll give you some info that'll help you decide whether or not you should get your controller from them.

But first...​

Let's take a quick look:



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Overall Rating:

Evil Controllers


100+ (Option to design your own.)

Summary: Evil Controllers and their wide range of quality controllers, mixed with great customer service, easily puts them in the top 5 of the gaming controller area. Perhaps even top 2 or 3. Not choosing them as your provider of controllers would be a mistake, that can possibly cost you money if you unknowingly buy a controller that isn't professionally put together.

If you're still here, why don't we have a look at what's in store.

Here's What You'll Learn...

  • A little background of Evil Controllers.
  • A look at their custom controllers and modded controllers.
  • ​A quick peak at their visual controller creator.
  • Our conclusion + recommendation.

And of course, we'll talk a little about their controller prices, their support and customer service, and their pros and cons.

So why don't we officially kick it off.​

Who and What is Evil Controllers?

​Evil Controllers is a US-based gaming controller company that was founded in 2007. They were one of the very first few custom controller shops in the gaming industry.

Their specialties are creating custom designs for controllers and developing mods, such as adjustable rapid fire.​

They've been featured in a number of well-known online publications​, like Engadget and Kotaku.

Evil Controllers even have its own Wikipedia page. Which can't be said for any other custom controller site.

One other thing to note is that their controllers are now being sold in online stores like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart.

Not bad for a dorm-room/garage type of startup.

Evil Controllers' Pros and Cons

What We Like
  • Fantastic designs and awesome mods.
  • Countless positive reviews from happy customers.
  • Dozens of pre-made controllers for all major consoles.
  • Top of the line controller creator.
  • Tournament-ready.
What We Don't Like
  • Some controllers can get kind of pricey.
  • Some customers have left bad reviews. (doesn't everybody?)
  • Modded controllers can get confusing.

EC's Custom Controllers

Evil's custom controllers are built with high-quality stuff. They're standard console controllers that are modified by the Evil Controllers Team. Meaning Evil Controllers buys them from Microsoft (likely in bulk), then they work their magic by creating designs and installing mods.

Like most custom controller shops, Evil doesn't offer a large selection of custom controllers that are ready to go.

These days, controller shops like to give you the ability to "create your own" using their virtual controller designers (we'll get into that in a little bit).

Here's a quick video that'll give you a first-hand look at one of Evil's custom controllers (for both Xbox One and PS4).

EC's Modded Controllers

Modded controllers are one of the most popular accessories within the gaming community. And Evil Controllers knows that.

​The reason to get a modded controller is to enhance your gameplay. This is with modifications that allow you to do extraordinary things with your multiplayer character (like shoot dozens of bullets per second).

How do they work?

The guys at Evil Controllers ​develop something called a modchip. Which is basically a microchip that goes inside the controller and adds a bunch of awesome features (like Rapid Fire).

And Evil Controllers, they're one of the best in the business.​

Here's a great video that'll show you an example of what Evil's modded controllers can do.

EC's Controller Mods

The mods Evil offers are just as good as anyone else's in the field. Perhaps even better.

They have this modchip called the Master Mod. Which is the main feature in their modded controllers.

In total, the Master Mod has 9 mods. Check them out:

  • Rapid Fire
  • Adjustable Rapid Fire
  • Tactical Rapid Fire
  • Akimbo Rapid Fire
  • Auto Aim (for Zombies ONLY)
  • Drop Shot
  • Fast Reload
  • Auto Run
  • Auto Scope

Here's a quick look at the Evil Controllers Master Mod.

EC's Controller Creator

The Controller Creator is lightning quick. Meaning you don't have to wait for your controller's preview because Evil's tool does it in realtime.

It offers a wide selection of faceplates (front-shell), backplates (back-shell), ABXY/shape buttons, thumbsticks, triggers, and more.

A few other cool features you'd have to get are the PRO Buttons, the PRO Thumbsticks, the Hairpin Triggers and Sensitive ABXY/Shape Buttons.

The PRO Buttons are ABXY/shape buttons you can remap to any function (ex: LT/RT) and add them in the back of the controller where your index finger should be.

The PRO Thumbsticks are basically the same idea. They're magnetic and swappable and have 3 different variations. (Pretty cool stuff!)

The Hairpin Triggers and Sensitive ABXY/Shape Buttons are for sensitivity. With the Hairpin Trigger, you won't have to pull the Trigger all the way for it to register. The same goes with the Sensitive buttons. This is important stuff for pro-gamers when a half a second can mean the game.

Evil's Controller Creator even lets you customize the interior. Meaning you could choose to add the Master Mod, which would give you mods that are compatible with most first and third person shooters.

Evil Controllers' Pricing

I've mentioned it before. It can get kind of expensive. But if you want quality, and not some piece of garbage that'll last for only a few months, about a couple hundred bucks is as good as a price as any.

I'd say between $150 and $200 to be the average price range for a decent controller.

For Evil Controllers, their custom Xbox One and PS4 controllers are between $80 and $120.​ That's without any mods or PRO products.

​For modded controllers, it's a bit more because you're not only getting the customized shell/design, but also one of their modchips.

They start at about $120 for Rapid Fire controllers. And $280-$300 for Master Mod controllers.

As for controllers built using the Controller Creator, it's hard to say an exact price. It really all depends on you and what customizations and mods you use.

If you go for the whole deal, where you customize every piece of the controller (right down to the LED color), then it can cost up to $300 and some change. That's including the Master Mod chip.​

Evil Controllers Review: Our Conclusion

Out of the dozens and dozens of custom controller sites out there, Evil Controllers is one of the few I trust and would buy from. I'd even get Christmas and birthday gifts for my little brother here.


For one, they've established themselves as a leader in the field. There's no one else ​with controllers in stores like Walmart.

Another reason, they have so many positive reviews from countless happy customers.

And last but not least, their products are the shit.​

Get Your Own Evil Controller

If you want your own custom or modded controller, Evil Controllers is where to get them. Out of all the dozens of controller shops I've researched, they're our clear number one.

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