Custom Controllers: Top 20 Shops to Buy Your Own

Custom Controllers: Top 20 Shops to Buy Your Own

In this world of stress and worries, sometimes it becomes difficult to find ways to loosen up. In such times, games play a major role in relieving you from all time unending worries.

Also, if you are looking out for ways to entertain yourself, then also what can be better than playing an engrossing game? It is a dream for few to sit back on warm Sunday afternoon with friends and family and play a hardcore game.

Custom controllers have been a delight for all such game lovers.

Many of us are die-hard fans of the gaming world and prefer to spend almost a complete day playing with our game of choice. 

This gaming console is a piece of entertainment for all of us. Hence, if you feel stressed or find you unable to focus on anything.

You know?

Take a break from all the mundane activities and relax. Play a game on your wonderful game console. ​

Yes, it is a great source of entertainment that releases all negatives and worn out feelings. The vivid range of games is available in the market or can be bought online.

What Difficulties We Face

With so many controllers of various brands are available in the market and even online, it becomes a task to find the best one.

Nowadays, in this era, where video game consoles are acquired and owned by most of the families and individuals, the demand for the controllers has increased subsequently. ​

So, make sure you make a wise choice in selecting the one of the best suited and prominent custom controllers from among the many.

Top 20 Custom Controller Sites

Various companies have come with huge varieties of spectacular custom controllers. There are so many you can’t even think off, that will drive you crazy and make your decision of buying a versatile controller difficult and puzzling.

Psst! Download the list of my top 3 recommended controller shops here

#1. Evil Controllers

Evil Controllers came in to being in the year of 2007, since then it has strived hard to build a name in the company and become number one of the leaders in the market. It manufactures specialized custom and modded controllers. The company is engaged in creating one of the most versatile controllers in the world.

They have managed to create more than 30 controllers in the price ranging from $7 to $200. The designer controllers are of supreme quality. However, they have two controllers with a price of $250, and they are known to be high priced. Evil Controllers can be contacted for anytime assistance.

They're one of our favorite custom controller sites.

  • The website can be easily used for performing any type of sales or service.
  • The company is known for manufacturing wide varieties of custom controllers.
  • The price is comparatively as low as compared to other companies.
  • ​7-day money back guarantee is offered on all products.
  • Guaranteed timely deliveries.
  • The officials of the company can be contacted via email, chat or phone.
  • The custom controllers manufactured here have been featured in big-time mags, such as Forbes, Maxim, Gaming Trend, and Game Informer.
  • Instructions are provided on how to use the controllers in the best possible manner.
  • Great discounts are almost always on for all controllers.
  • With 15000 reviews, so far the company has strived hard to obtain 4.6 stars.

Note: Read our full review here.

#2. Cinch Gaming

Cinch Gaming is one of the leaders in providing customized gaming controllers. They're as professional as it gets. They provide as high as quality can get.

Here at ControllerPRO, they're definitely a new favorite.

  • Provides the absolute highest of quality on every controller they build.
  • Provides a user experience that is above par. Some controller shops are pretty rough when it comes to website design and usability.
  • Offers more than controllers.
  • Offers controllers for Xbox One, PS4, and even GameCube.
  • Option to design/create your own controller.
  • Offers a 14-day refund period.
  • Top notch support.

Highly recommended!

#3. ModJunkiez

ModJunkiez is one of the famous and all-time favorite producers of custom or modded and leading providers of custom/modded controllers. Selling top-notch products from a long time, they are known for offering high quality controllers to gamers all around the world.

With custom controllers being more than 350, this gaming controller developed by ModJunkiez is profoundly purchased by passionate gamers.

  • The company is engaged in offering one of the most customized and support email service.
  • Offering all do it yourself kits and shell for all four types of customer services.
  • Customers can avail huge discounts and offers on all the modded/custom controllers.
  • Exceptional modded of my favourite shops

 #4. SCUF Gaming

Came in to being in the year of 2007, this custom gaming controller manufacturing company has acquired name in the industry in no time. With dedication and passion, the company has managed to manufacture top quality and designer custom controllers.

It has sticks, grips and paddles and more than 50 controllers in a single handle. SCUF Gaming controllers are available at a budgeted price of $120 to $160.

  • Customers can easily track orders from the company.SCUF Gaming does not offer modchips. Instead, they offer mappable buttons and custom grips.
  • Helpful representatives are available throughout the day.
  • Positive customer reviews in the past ensures the controllers are highly useful.
  • The manufacturing is done by well-known programmers.
  • One of the ultimate features of the controllers makes it the best controller.
  • Tips and instructions are provided at every step to avoid any confusion.
  • It is a mobile friendly game and can be downloaded as an application.

#5. ControllerModz UK

With the headquarters of the company based in London, ControllerModz UK is holding an experience of 5 years. Since then it has been controllers that exceed 50 controls and available at a reasonable price within the range of $80-$120.

Using these controllers, now the player can jump, shoot and prone at the same time. All these top quality buttons are known as Domin8or buttons.

CMODZ UK is another one of our favorite custom controller sites.

  • The company caters to deliver XBOX/PS modded controllers and custom controllers.
  • As they work round the clock, they are able to offer great support and customer service.
  • The company also guarantees to return the money of an unhappy customer.
  • Best and lucrative offers are provided to the subscribed users.
  • The products offered by CONTROLLER MODZ UK can be shipped worldwide.
  • The inbound shipping the UK is free.

#6. Controller Chaos

Controller Chaos, one of the leading producers in producing a whole lot of customized and user specialized custom controllers are now available within the price range of $89- $120. It has more than 130 controllers.

The company began with a very low setup in a garage with only few gaming experts. Eventually, the company established as a huge establishment and now has two building campus in St. Louis.

  • The gaming controller is easily shipped after an order is confirmed.
  • Best suited for first and third type of shooter in a game.
  • The domestic shipping in the city is done with incurring any extra cost.
  • The customer service works throughout the day and help can be taken by any medium of communication such as email, live chat and phone.
  • More than hundred awesome designs are provided.
  • Own personalized controller accessories for every user.
  • A parent’s guideline or booklet is provided to users along with the order.
  • Payments can be made in multiple modes using PayPal, Skrill and various gateways.

#7. Mega Modz Planet

I feel like Mega Modz Planet will become the biggest controller shop one day. Comparing today with when we found them over 2 years ago, MMP have really took their business game up a few levels.

I honestly do not remember their website being so awesome. Everything is just so easy. It's really what a controller website should be.

  • Great controllers. Pre-built designs are nice. They even have some of the best prices out there.
  • Great website user experience.
  • Option to design your own controller.
  • Offers controllers for Xbox One and PS4.
  • Offers a 10-day money-back guarantee on all products.
  • High-quality support.

#8. GamerModz

The company came into being in the year of 2007 and was known to be one among the legitimate producers of modified yet customized modded controller of more than 180 controls.

Being one of the longest running companies in the world, it specializes in creating highly customized controllers for XBOX and PlayStation gamers. With making a hole in the pocket of the customers, these are available at a huge discount of 40 percent.

GamerModz has been proudly called as second largest selection of the controllers in this list. However, it has few controllers that are known to be perilous.

  • The company has one of the best and easy to use virtual controllers.
  • The designer controller skins are matched by the controllers.
  • Customers can easily get a gamer tag on the controllers.
  • Videos are made to be compatible with games such as GTA V, MORTAL COMBAT and PGA Tour.
  • With positive customer views and reviews, the company is known to be a leader.

#9. Custom Controllers UK

Known to be one of the UKs best-selling eminent custom controller sites, Custom Controllers UK have captured the market of offering by selling projects on a much comparative rate ranging from $70-$100.

So, for all crazy maniacs who are willing to pay less and receive more are requested to make a purchase of custom gaming controller with more than 100 controllers to choose from.

  • Wide range and variety of controllers available here.
  • Ensure premium quality of help from the representatives working here.
  • 7-day money back guarantee available.

#10. Sharq Controllers

I feel like everybody is stepping their game up. When Sharq Controllers first made it on this list, they were much lower than where they are now today. I'm positive they were one of the late additions.

Now, I'd be a fool to leave them out of our Top 10. Their website game, especially, has been the thing I've been impressed with the most. 

I remember when I first saw it, it was OK. Good enough, you know?

Today, it's easily one of the better user experiences you'll have from these 20 custom controller shops.

  • Great quality equals great controllers. You basically cannot get better.
  • Great website. Easy to use.
  • Offers controllers for Xbox One and PS4.
  • Offers both pre-built and create-your-own.
  • Decent support system.

#11. Iconic Controllers

When we first created this list about 2 years ago, Iconic Controllers weren't on here yet. It's not because they've just stepped it up, I'm sure they've always been at the top of their game, but it had to have been our lack of researching into more controller shops.

When I landed on their website, which is great BTW, I was pretty surprised. I kind of actually felt bad. How did we miss them?

Luckily now, they're here.

  • High-quality controllers. You pretty much cannot get anything better.
  • Decent website user experience. Better than most.
  • Offers controllers for Xbox One (S) and PS4 (Pro). You will start from scratch and design the controller yourself.
  • Offers more than controllers. Accessories, Apparel, and Gift Cards.
  • Offers a 14-day refund period.
  • Great support.

#12. The Controller People

The Controller People is a newer addition to this list. And it's well-earned. These guys know what they're doing.

Sadly, for Xbox people, The Controller People only tend to PS4 controllers. That's their deal. Their specialty.

I predict they will become the go-to people for custom and modded PS4 controllers, if they're not already.

  • Great quality. About the best you can get.
  • TCP specializes in PS4 controllers.
  • Easy-to-use website. You can browse and buy with ease.
  • Their support team has great response time.
  • They have the best logo. Go see for yourself. 🙂

#13. The Controller Shop

The Controller Shop is one of the better known controller shops in the industry.

They don't offer much pre-made custom controllers, but they do have an impressive virtual controller creator.

They have about 10 ready-to-ship custom controllers for XBOX ONE and PS4. They're all at $129. Which is pretty reasonable considering the average price of custom controllers in today's market.

  • Does not offer much pre-made custom controllers.
  • Offers about 10 custom controllers that are ready to be bought and shipped (XBOX ONE and PS4).
  • Offers an impressive custom controller creator.
  • Their pricing is pretty good.

#14. Battle Beaver Customs

Battle Beaver Customs offer services for XBOX ONE, PS4, and GameCube.

You will be happy to know that company provides a good range of color and styles.

The accessories of the game controller developed and created by the Battle Beaver Customs include left and right thumb sticks, battle plate colors and grips. All these are provided by the company.

Their customizations and features are similar to SCUF Gaming. No mod chips.​

  • Successfully offering service for XBOX ONE, PS4 and GameCube.
  • 24/7 email support can be taken from help representatives.
  • The website can be easily used to make an online purchase.
  • A long list of more than 500 customer reviews and appreciation has been received by Battle Beaver Customs.

#15. Modded Zone

One of youngest retailers of manufacturing game controllers in the industry, this company manufactures one of the best and efficient controllers.

Keep an eye out for these guys. 😉

  • It manufactures controllers that are compatible with XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, PS3, and PS4.
  • The various mods available here is rapid fire mod, burst fire mod, and fast reload mode.
  • Available accessories with the controllers are pouches, shells, and mod chips.
  • The dedicated support provided by company through e-mails and chats ensures that you are not alone.
  • One can also avail a custom controller at a reasonable price of $70.

#16. KwikBoy Modz

Looking for cool and easy to handle controllers, these fair price controllers are known for providing controllers with more than 150 controls in a price range of $60-$170.

The company is newly established but due to its esteemed work performance seen in a less time, it has acquired a top position in few months of its inception.

However, most of the gamers are not able to trust KwikBoyz Mods, as they hold less work experience.

#17. LaZa Modz

LaZa Modz have been at it for a couple years. They're based out of Virginia. And they have some of the best modded controllers for both Xbox One and PS4.

They are open between 10AM and 11PM EST. And they do free shipping for orders over $50, which is pretty cool.

#18. Game and Video

One of Game and Video's team members were kind enough to let us know about them (in a comment on this post).

And from what I've seen so far, they are new to the game.

They've sold their first 100 controllers, according to Jonathan (a team member). Which is pretty good, considering the competition.

They also offer other products, like mice and keyboards. So if you're into that kind of stuff, perhaps they have something you need.

#19. Morbid STIX

Do you think that you are a hardcore gamer? If so, Morbid Stix presents one of the versatile and out of the world, custom gaming controller with more than 100 uniquely designed and well organized controls.

The company specializes in providing high camo printed designs on the controllers. The gamers can also avail the 24/7 customer support service.

#20. Imaging Modz

As compared to Evil Controllers, this company is not popular among the buyers. Although, they happen to manufacture one of the topmost controlling gaming controllers in the whole world, they still have not acquired justice in gaining popularity.

With producing more than 100 custom controllers, they claim to have a large selection. The company provides discounts on already fair priced system controllers. The remarkable feature of the products manufactured by Imaging Modz is as follows:

Honorable Mentions


Of course Amazon would be on this list, right? They practically have everything.

​And as for custom controllers, they have some pretty interesting choices. I've mentioned them before, in another blog post.

But yeah. I think they're pretty great.​

Xbox Design Lab

If all you're looking for is something a little different than black or white for your Xbox One controller, the Xbox Design Lab is all you need. You'll have the option to choose almost any color you'd like.

Wrapping it up

Make a careful selection of custom/modded controllers as these are not bought again and again. A wise decision can help you in gaining more pleasure out of your wonderful collection of games.

All the above-mentioned companies are listed after doing a thorough research about the various companies. The competition is high in the market and because of which it will be difficult for you to make a decision early.

Different prices are offered by different companies that again are an important factor to be considered while making a decision of buying customized gaming controllers.

We recommend and suggest that all seekers must patiently compare all the attributes of controller manufactured by different companies.

With the money back offer guaranteed by most of the companies, you can be assured of not wasting a huge sum of money, if you find the controller not matching your needs and requirements.

Support services are offered all of the companies in a way, that the representatives walk the extra mile with you and make your purchase satisfactory and worthwhile.

Hence, if you are planning to own one custom controller, I am sure that the above list would be off great help to you and your friends. By buying a heavy loaded custom controller, one can add spice to their weekends or idle times.

Call over your friends and have a wonderful time playing. Be assured, the newly bought custom controller will increase popularity among your friends.

All the controllers have a fixed price that is rated after comparing the price from competitive products manufactured by popular gaming companies.

The experienced manufacturers are known to be most vigilant service providers in today’s trend.I am hopeful that the list will be helpful to you and you will be able to make a best choice after comparing all the features of the game controllers manufactured by different companies. It has been honor for me to give you the complete list.

After doing careful market research and survey, I have been able to list out few.



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Jonathan - May 22, 2017 Reply

We are new to the customer controller business but we have already shipped close to 100 controllers with very good reviews.

Check us out.


Willie - July 8, 2017 Reply

Hi Julian,

I came across your website, which led me to this site.

We are a newer custom controller website that started on eBay with over 500 sales.

Please check out our new website, when you have a chance. We would love any feedback you may have to offer.


Matt - September 1, 2017 Reply

Thanks for the information. However I feel, as a consumer, there is one huge omission from the information. That is whether the sites offer a custom build page incuding a preview of the controller with my chosen selections. Some do but most dont. Im sorry but im never going to buy a customised controller that I havent been given a preview of as I build it so that I know what I am buying (or at least a fair representation of it). Some people might, but I wouldnt. It may save people a lot of time if you made this clear in your review +points .

    Julian Sakanee - September 16, 2017 Reply

    Yeah. We have a guide here that features the best controller sites that have the best custom builders (with the preview mode). You can see it here.

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