10 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Custom Controller

Buying a Custom Controller

As gamers, the controllers we use has to be the shit.

​It has to be high-quality. The best.

​Otherwise, we’ll always lose. We'll lose if controller features are shit. We'll lose if the controller mods are shit. We'll lose even more if the controller itself is a piece of shit.

​I don’t know about you, but I fucking hate losing.

​That’s why there are customized and modified controllers.

​A custom controller has awesome shit like custom grips and remapped buttons.

A modded controller has cool modchips that allow you to do stuff like the drop shot, auto scope, and other badass tricks.

​But sometimes, you’ll get a custom or modded controller that doesn’t live up to its promises.In other words, some controller shops are shitty scammers.

​So, in this post, I’m gonna hook you up with the 10 questions you should ask yourself before buying a controller.

​Let’s do this…

10 Important Questions for Buying a Custom Controller​

​#1. How Does Their Shop Look?

​If their controller shop (website) looks like shit and unprofessional, it more than likely means they don’t know what they’re doing OR they don’t care about user experience.

​So, to find out if they’re the real deal, browse around their whole website.

And if you don’t like your experience, consider looking for a shop that does care about their website visitors.

A great example of a great custom controller site would be Evil Controllers.​

​#2. Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

​A money back guarantee is actually an important sign to whether or not they’re the real deal.

​If they don't guarantee your money back, that can only mean one thing:

They don't trust in their own product. (They're scared of refunds)

​So if the shop you're thinking about buying from does not have one, get the hell outta there.​

​#3. Is There a Warranty?

​You know what a warranty is, right?

It's like insurance.

You pay a little extra and if the product breaks, they either fix or replace it.

All legit companies have this.

So if the controller shop you're planning to buy from does not, then I'd recommend looking for a different shop.

​#4. Is it Really Your Best Option?

​I'm sure there are dozens of other controllers that fit your style.

What if you see a controller you love after you buy this one?

That's kinda suck, right?

So what I suggest you do is browse around every controller site you can find and make a list of your favourite 5.

Then, give them each a rating between 1 and 10 based on your taste and their features.

Boom. Choose the one with the highest rating.

​#5. Does it Come With All The Features You Like?

​I bought a couple controllers before.

The first time I forgot to check out all its features. It was a modded controller.

When I got it, I noticed it didn't have a few mods I wanted.

I was like WTF. I though I got ripped off.But when I went to check online, I saw that I was the one who fucked up.


Yeah. I ended up giving that one to my little brother.

So yeah, check your mods, features, and whatever before you make the order.

#6. Does it Provide an Instruction Manual?

​If you're thinking of buying a controller with modchips, remapped buttons, or modified triggers, make sure that they provide you with the instructions.

If they don't, then what's the point?

So before making the order, browse through their website to see if they have an instructions page.

If they don't, shoot them an email and ask.

#7. Do They Ship to Your Area?

​If you don't check and find out if they ship to wherever you are, then you'd look like a dumbass.

So, look! Alright?

You'll find this somewhere on their website.

#8. Is Anyone Else Buying it?

If other gamers (or gamers' parents :P) are buying the controller you're interested in, this will tell you a few things:

  • The controller is selling, so it must be high-quality.
  • The controller is sold by a legit company. Who the fuck would buy from a scam shop, right?

So yeah, if you can answer this with a "yes", then rock on.

#9. Are There Positive Reviews (of the controller)?

If people that have bought the controller you're interested in are leaving positive reviews, then that can only mean one thing:

  • The controller is the real deal.

But if they're leaving negative reviews, like 1 outta 5 stars or something, then that's like an obvious red flag.

You'd be way better off leaving it and finding one that other gamers like.

#10. What are People Saying About the Controller Shop?

Are they hating the controller's mods or features? Or are they loving them?

Whatever they're saying about the controller, you should always take it into account.

Paid customers' opinions are the ones that matter the most.​

Wrapping it up

Buying custom and modded controllers online, or any kind of product for that matter, can be a little risky.

Why? Because it's not like shopping in-store where you can touch and see the product.

Online, you'll have to rely on other people's comments and reviews.

That's why you should always ask yourself the 10 questions we talked about above.

These questions will help you decide whether or not the controllers you're interested are worth it.

So if you haven't read this whole post, I highly recommend scrolling back up and read.

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